Project Description Owner Last Change
core/DirectFB.git DirectFB - The core library... 2 weeks ago
core/DirectFBGL.git DirectFBGL - OpenGL extension... 5 years ago
core/FusionSound.git FusionSound - the audio subsystem 19 months ago
core/flux.git Unnamed repository; edit this... root 11 months ago
core/linux-fusion.git linux-fusion - Fusion IPC... 5 months ago
extras/++DFB.git ++DFB is an advanced version... 14 months ago
extras/DFB++.git C++ binding for DirectFB 5 years ago
extras/DFBTutorials.git Tutorial code and documentation 3 years ago
extras/DiVine.git DirectFB Virtual Input extension 16 months ago
extras/DirectFB-examples.git Test and demonstration applica... 11 months ago
extras/DirectFB-extra.git Additional image/video/font... 19 months ago
extras/Insignia.git Insignia - Test suite 4 weeks ago
extras/SaWMan.git SaWMan - Shared application... 16 months ago
libs/DVA.git DirectFB Video Acceleration root 6 years ago
libs/FusionDale.git Applied Fusion - Application... root 16 months ago
libs/Jslib.git Jslib - JointSpace client... root 2 years ago
libs/LiTE.git LiTE is a Toolkit Engine root 20 months ago
libs/WebKitDFB.git WebKitDFB - WebKit for DirectF... root 13 months ago
libs/gtk+.git GTK+3 DirectFB port, new GDK... root 4 weeks ago
libs/ilixi.git ilixi - Application framework... root 10 days ago
misc/++DFBApp.git Template project for applicati... 9 years ago
misc/DFBApp.git Template project for applicati... 9 years ago
misc/gentoo_overlay.git Gentoo Overlay 7 years ago
misc/linux-fb.git Linux framebuffer drivers 10 years ago
misc/linux-viafb.git Linux framebuffer driver for... 5 years ago
openwrt/kleistpark.git Unnamed repository; edit this... root 13 months ago
openwrt/packages.git Unnamed repository; edit this... root 13 months ago
ports/FLTK_1.x-DirectFB.git FLTK DirectFB port 4 years ago
ports/GtkWebCore.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 8 years ago
ports/KXL-DirectFB.git KXL DirectFB port 10 years ago
ports/cairodfb.git Cairo DirectFB backend 6 years ago
ports/directfb-engine.git DirectFB GTK+ theme engine 11 years ago
ports/gdk-directfb.git GDK backend based on DirectFB 8 years ago
ports/glut-directfb.git Mininalistic GLUT implementati... 10 years ago
ports/kawt.git Kaffe AWT ported to DirectFB 9 years ago
ports/qte-directfb.git DirectFB drivers for Qt/Embedded 7 years ago
ports/v8-directfb.git V8 DirectFB - JavaScript binding 3 years ago
ports/xfce4.git Xfce4 DirectFB port 7 years ago
ports/xmms-fusionsound.git FusionSound Output Plugin... 10 years ago
programs/Chief.git Desktop panel application root 7 years ago
programs/ClanBomber2.git Unnamed repository; edit this... root 2 years ago
programs/DFBInspector.git Feature inspection and testing... root 8 years ago
programs/DFBKana.git Program to help you learn... root 10 years ago
programs/DFBLock.git Console locker root 10 years ago
programs/DFBPoint.git Presentation viewer root 9 years ago
programs/DFBRec.git Desktop recording utility root 6 years ago
programs/DFBSee.git Image viewer and video player root 7 years ago
programs/DFBTerm.git Terminal emulator root 20 months ago
programs/PluggIt.git PluggIt - Export your desktop... root 2 years ago
programs/Projektor.git Projektor - LiTE based PDF... root 21 months ago
programs/Tacho.git Benchmarking suite root 3 years ago
programs/XDirectFB.git Rootless X Server using DirectFB root 18 months ago
web/ - The Site root 2 weeks ago
windows/Fenestra.git Fenestra - DirectFB SDK for... 2 years ago